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Summer CPR Job #3 [storage room]

July 20, 2017

You know you are a de-junking queen when a vacation is devoted to it.

Before visiting family I asked, "Is there something you would like help with?"

"Oh, yes!  Could you help organize our cold storage room - I would like only food in there and the freeze-dried food cans boxed up and labeled."


This room used to be a large bedroom downstairs with the cold storage room off to the side.  When its occupant had moved on, I suggested they switch and move the guest room down the hall to a smaller space and use this room for food storage.  If you don't know about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have been counseled to be prepared for the unexpected - anything from unemployment to natural disasters with the possibility of needing to stay in the home or be evacuated.

The challenge is with the unspoken law of the universe, "Every empty space must be filled."  If you haven't heard of this, it's because I made it up after looking at what happens in the normal course of our lives.  We "plop and stack" thinking we will get to it later.  I don't judge.  Everyone does it.  No worries - you're not alone.

Let's get busy!  

Good news - the shelving was already in place and just needed to be organized.  The really great thing was the white boxes for #10 cans fit 4 to a shelf perfectly when turned on their side.

NOTE:  projects like this always look worse before they get better.  Everything needs to come out before intentional things get put back in.  It can be overwhelming and look scary. I told the man of the house, "Don't worry . . . I promise I won't leave you with a mess."  

I brought out the freeze dried food, boxed and labeled it, and organized the canned goods in common areas.  "We need to put like with like."  Just when I thought I had all the cans shelved, I would uncover another case of chili beans. 

We took a break and did some fun things, but here we are after 2 1/2 days of work . . . if you notice there's even some empty shelving in the picture on the right!

All the food in the cold storage room is accessible.  The goal was to have a clear path in the room as well as around the center shelving and totes.  It's impossible to get something if you have to crawl and climb over heaps.

Isn't it a beautiful sight?

The extended goal is to continue boxing up and labeling cans and loose items.  If you were asked to help someone move, which room would you prefer to enter?  The Before or the Now?


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