#Smile 365

August Smiles [Top Ten]

August 28, 2017

1.    Driving Miss Carlie home from Kindergarten
2.    Seeing my scale weight going down
3.    The Solar Eclipse diamond ring
4.    No more pigeons next door!
5.    Cloud, rain, thunder, cool breezes - relief
6.    Finding a great book to read
7.    Creating a new fall look in my home
8.    Two pop-up emails "You've received an ancestor name."
9.    Friday night dessert - Chile's Molten Lava Cake
10.  Seeing my brilliant 3rd grade grandkiddo's scholastic goal for the new school year:  learn Noting!!!  He also wants to be "more appropriate".

1.   Having both my children home
2.   Shopping with my daughter
3.   Celebrating 30 years with my son
4.   Planting flowers - and they're still growing after a week!!
5.   Lunch with friends
6.   The whole family in the pool
7.   Finding a MOB dress
8.   A carload of Young Women going to the Temple
9.   My GIANT outside clock
10. No bake desserts


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