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Level 1 Essentials for Preparedness

August 19, 2017

In casual conversations with others I ask, "What do you have in the way of food or water if something unexpected happens or an emergency preventing you from running to the store."  I ran out of dish soap yesterday and didn't have any more on hand.  If you saw the dishes piling up, it would constitute as an emergency.  So, I ran to the store. Note to self:  replenish better.

I'm surprised at how many people, women of children, haven't made preparations for the unexpected.  If the idea is new to you, it can be confusing to know where to start, what to buy, and how much.  Without a plan it's easy to overspend and become overwhelmed.  The result is having too much or too little of the essentials.  This problem is easily solved by focusing first on the basics.  

There are four levels - four checklists - of items to help evaluate your progress.  You may have to pick up and leave quickly.  Having supplies labeled in a tote or box will be invaluable.   

Level 1:  (home) 
  • 3 months food (don't freak out - There's an easy way)
  • two weeks of water
  • “shelter in place” meaning in your own home
  • earthquake/storm/flu 
  • evacuation center (fire), but with no power.
When Level 1 has been achieved, then move to Level 2.  Being systematic and intentional makes the process calm, orderly, and exciting!  Who knew learning to make your own laundry soap could be so fun?  You will love the feeling of seeing your pantry filled and love the peace of knowing you and your family stand ready for come what may.

You don't need to make bread every week or put up preserves every year.  Do you need to know how?  YES!  Do you need the supplies for them?  Yes, but that is for another time.   

It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.

Why should we invest time and income on being prepared?  You can read our Be Prepared post which includes a list for a GHB (Get Home Bag). The bottom line is we can only depend upon our own household.  Relying on others or even the government is naive and won't serve us well.

Job 1?  Start where you are and do a little more with a plan.  Here is a DOWNLOAD for Level 1.


Thanks for stoppy by!  We're here to help.


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