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August 23, 2017

If you've been following this, you know that My Mr. B and I celebrated 37 years of marital bliss this year.  You also know that My Mr. B has been rehabbing our house for a few years.  When will it be done?  He says, "When it's done."  Translation - there will always be something that needs doing.

I'm a transplant from Montana and I figured if you live in Florida you should have a swimming pool. For 36 of those 37 years I have been trying to convince My Mr. B of that fact.  Well, he decided to make my dreams come true and last year we starting prepping and planning for the pool.

This would require us to relocate our septic tank and install a lift station - whatever that is.  It would also mean cutting down LOTS and LOTS of trees.  So one day in November, a couple days after ankle surgery, My Mr. B decided we needed to decide what trees were coming down.  Besides taking care of My Mr. B and his ankle, we had a little visitor that was too sick to go to preschool.  We put that kid to work.

First, she had to assist My Mr. B to his lawn mower.  He was going to ride around on it and point out trees we needed to mark.

Then she marked the trees that were to come down with orange tape.

There was a little excitement mixed in, as My Mr. B ran over a rattlesnake with his lawn mower.
Our assistant was inside resting, but I carried her outside so we could take a picture of her with the snake and send it to Mom and Dad.  Again, this was in November, so I was quick to point out to the parents that she was not running around outside without her shoes on.

At one point she asked me why we were marking the trees.  I told her they were coming down so we could put in a swimming pool.  Well, she informed me that she had a pool at her house, in the garage and we could have it if we didn't want to cut down the trees.  She is sooo sweet.

Fast forward to today - the trees are gone and the pool is so nice.  My Mr. B likes it a lot.  He spends so much time out in his shop or outside where it's really hot.  So he jumps in that thing at least twice a day to cool off.

As for our assistant, she did so much work, she is welcome to swim in our pool anytime.

Just so you know, we planned and started the pool before we knew our daughter was getting engaged. Consequently, with that wedding looming just a month away, we are working on the yard and the house and running around in circles trying to get everything presentable.  

You are welcome to come swim, too.  We enjoy the company - and we might just put you to work!!


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