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The New ColorFall Season

September 09, 2017

I love everything about Autumn. The cooling temperatures Las Vegas lives for. The turning of leaves to reds, golds, and browns.  The one last burst of color before Winter settles in.  The anticipation of sweaters (sometimes here on a windy day) and cider and the anticipation of family holiday gatherings.

Fall is a time to take a moment to exhale from summer vacations before ramping up for the sugar festivals of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

After the Christmas holidays, this shelf remained bare until I finally found these shutters to build around.  I was looking for something easily changed for the different seasons.  This is the first time I've made this grouping from decor I already had.  The only new ones were the framed printables.

If you haven't made use of the so many beautiful pictures available on Pinterest, you are missing an easy way to change things up.  There are so many talented people willing to share their designs - usually free too.  

I'm really excited about the new twist of color to the Fall lineup - aqua! 

The Leaf PRINTABLE @ Etsy
The Pumpkin Watercolor PRINTABLE, free @ Mabey She Made It

My kitchen got a few updates with the aqua.

Find this PRINTABLE, free @ Lolly Jane
I printed one for a friend and one for me.  Just because.

I fell in love with this aqua truck!  It reminded me of my Montana home.  
Memories pop up every time I see it.

This table decor just fell in together by chance.  I was looking for something simple without having to buy more.  When I look at tablescapes on Pinterest, I think, "Where does the food go?  "Do they move it every time and then put it back after each meal?"

I already had the table runners, the placemats, the plate chargers, dishes, pumpkins, lantern, candles, pebbles AND don't forget my signature bee motif in the napkin rings . . . but this was the first time I had combined it all together.  The only things new were the napkins to pull it together.

Wardrobe magic works with home decor, too!  
I don't think my vignettes are ever the same from year to year.
Home CPR -- Score!

What do we do with the food?  We place it on the runners.  And, yes, my table looks like this all the time - because I love beauty and because I can.  Mr. B doesn't mind.

Thanks for stopping by!  Dinner will be ready in a few.


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