#Be the Good

#Be the Good Initiative

October 12, 2017

Can one person really make a difference?


By acknowledging goodness and humanity when they cross our path, we are turning on the light for another to follow.  Darkness in the world is pushed back.  Compassion replaces judgment.

Do you know an unsung hero who makes the world a better place?
                 Maybe they are disguised as a friend, neighbor or even a stranger?  

Service doesn't need to be big and grandiose 

                                      to be meaningful and make a difference.

What next?  
Submit stories of every-day Heroes 
doing extraordinary work 
with compassion.  

#BetheGood  #OnebyOne  #TurnontheLight 

Gratitude increases goodness.  If you feed it, it will grow.


  1. One of the first people I thought to thank here in Las Vegas was the mysterious manager of Glaze donuts. Last spring at our school tall, big boxes of donuts were waiting in our teacher's lounge - plain brown box, no label. Each day I wondered and each day they were there. Only about a month later with a new delivery, was the identity discovered. Donuts make me happy, and he filled my day with anaticipation.


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