Learning to Be Consistent

October 01, 2017

Consistency is difficult for me.  Tell me I'm not the only one, right?

We have good intentions.  We even have great ideas and ambitions and yet begin a goal or project with only a vague way of accomplishing it.  The results are often the same and very predictable.  Our burst of enthusiasm and energy hits the wall of everyday life and schedules.  A pile of something is the tell-tale sign of indecision.

This pile of envelopes, folders, and case full of organized family photos has been shuffled around for years!  My children have their own Memory scrapbook - remember when it was a "thing" to do?  Negatives are labeled and filed in a box.  Pics are organized by subject matter.  So, what is the problem?  I couldn't decided how to archive the best of the best.  Without a crystal ball, there is no way of knowing what kind of technology will be available to retrieve images.  My criteria?  The photos must be easily portable.  

I have now made a decision and a plan.  I'm scanning only the favorite photos on to a flashdrive which can easily be stored in my grab-n-go-in-case-of-a-fire case.  The images aren't exactly perfect like originals, and yet they will always be better than nothing.  

Now, for the consistency part.  Sunday, Monday, and Friday afternoons are allotted for scanning.  These memories were years in the making, and it will take time to archive them.  I'm still learning to be consistent - it's one of my personality limitations.  I have also learned very little or nothing happens without a routine to accomplish the goal.

Work will win when wishy washy wishing won't.  - Thomas S. Monson

Start where you are and do a little more - each day.


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