October: Be the Good

October 09, 2017

I was shocked when I heard at 4:30 am about the Las Vegas mass shooting.  My friend texted me to cancel a luncheon date as she was called for counseling down on the Strip.  It was a wake-up call indeed, and our community stepped right up to fill needs of first responders and their families.  Lines at the blood bank went on for blocks, cars filling the nearby neighborhoods.  I was added to a FB group that coordinated donations and efforts and was in awe with how quickly people responded.  Hearts wide open.  And not just from Las Vegans.

A carpenter from Chicago drove across the US to place a hand-crafted white cross for every victim at the site of the Las Vegas shooting.  Police helped to erect the 58 crosses in single file behind the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign.

Greg Zanis has crafted similar tributes for victims of mass shootings for almost two decades and does it "for the families".  For the known identities, the crosses bear their name and photograph. Two blue hearts are in tribute to the police officers who lost their lives.  Mr. Zanis has made an estimated 20,000 crosses over the years, the first was for his own father-in-law. 

He is a perfect example of our October focus "Be the Good".  Not just once, but continually.  It is a very good thing to come together after a tragedy - the community is strengthened and fortified in ways only devastation can; and yet, how do we keep the compassion after the urgency?  We believe it is through daily consistent acts.  One:  First observe, then serve.  Two: Acknowledge kindness with a "thank you".  

To the recent good-hearted souls in Texas, Florida, and Nevada - and any who offered their time and opened up their pocketbooks -THANK YOU.  May our hearts continue to expand and stretch across the distance between us.

"Now go home, walk across the street, and serve your neighbor."  - Linda K. Burton

#Be the Good


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