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Rehearsal Dinner

October 04, 2017

Well, we had a whirl wind down here!  It was the BIG wedding weekend.  Whitney and her fiancĂ©, Stuart, flew in from Seattle on Wednesday.  They left Seattle at 12:00 midnight and got in about 9:00 in the morning.  Whitney and I went off to see the doctor - hip problems for both of us. 

On Thursday one of my friends, who happens to be a massage therapist, gave the bride a much needed massage.  (I got mine the next week after everyone was gone).  Thursday night Whitney's friends gave her a bachelorette party at the beach.  Friday it was time to get the marriage license and check out the venue.  There were also various other appointments, trial make-up session, manicures and pedicures, haircut for the groom, spray tans, etc., etc., etc.

Whitney wanted to have the rehearsal dinner at the house and invite all family and out-of-town guests.  We were expecting family and friends from Colorado, California, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia and who knows where else.  My Mr. B and I, along with some REALLY GOOD friends had been working on the yard and house right up to the last minute.
The bride, the groom and Granddaddy Judge.
He was there when she was born, and now he's helping give her away.

The rehearsal didn't take too long, with just the wedding party.  And then the rest of the people showed up.   My Mr. B's cousin was there with his camera and asked if there was anything I wanted a picture of.  Yes, please take a picture of the flower beds!!

This is the one at the end of the driveway.  It may not look like much to you, but it started out as a thicket of briars and stickers.  

Remember this one by the side of the house?
I think the red bench says, "Welcome, come sit for a while."

Come into my back yard and relax.
Up until a few months ago this fence did not exist.
Did I say we have been working hard?!! 

We were ready to party and eat - with about 65+ of our closest and newest family and friends.

I had a surprise for everyone.  It's still hot in Florida in September and Kona Ice is the best way to cool down.  I had invited the Kona Ice truck to our dinner!!!  It didn't take long for everyone to line up for some of that treat.  It was perfect - and added some more color to my back yard.

I would say it was a hit with this group for sure.  Maybe a little brain freeze going on there.

Even the bride and groom seem to like it.

For dinner we had a variety of fried fish, chicken tenders, baked beans, cheese grits, and cole slaw. My friends from church brought over a variety of beautiful desserts.
They tasted as good as they looked.

My Mr. B's cousin had suggested this picture when I was showing him the house and the gown.  Then I completely forgot all about it when everyone started showing up.  Thank you, Byron, for taking care of this for me.


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