#Smile 365

December Smiles [Top Ten]

December 30, 2017

"Oh, look!  A squirrel."
Whenever this guy pops up on my desktop images, he makes me smile or even chuckle.  
Is his look one of surprise or curiosity? 

1.   Christmas caroling with grandkiddos on their sleepover
2.   Getting a new cell phone - finally
3.   Driving by a Winter wonderland in Idaho - glad I can go back to Vegas winters
4.   14-hr road trip with my sister, her Hub, and Mr. B
5.   Celebrating my Mother's 95th birthday - in my childhood home!
6.   Seeing my sister's home decorated for Christmas
7.   Enjoying a week unplugged
8.   Bowling better than Mr. B
9.   Church, scrumptious breakfast brunch, puzzling, pool, and games on Christmas Eve
10. Having all my (grand)children living in one place to visit on Christmas day

1.   Chex Mix from a friend
2.   Finished the puzzle before New Years
3.   Hearing Jess call for Aunt Dene
4.   FaceTime with the newlyweds - as they were snowed in at her cousin's house
5.   My Mr. B playing with his helicopter - a gift from Cody
6.   German Chocolate cake
7.   Sharing Ambrosia with the family
8.   Talking to my aunts - in Montana and Texas - on Christmas Day
9.   Christmas cards from family and friends
10.  Spending time with family


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