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7 Books to Jumpstart your January

January 03, 2018

A person who won't read 
has no advantage over the person who can't.
Mark Twain

Words have the power to inspire us, change us, and help us fill our minutes with meaning.  Don't we all have an innate desire to search for more, to be more with the days of our lives, because "in the end we all become stories".  [Margaret Atwood]

These books make me wonder, "What else don't I know?"
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For your Life:  Many things are good, many are important, only a few are essential.
Hands down a Must-Read!

For your Success:  Every decision you make, no matter how small, 
is a step toward success or a step toward failure.
Goals and Time will never be viewed the same again.

For your Health:  Eat like you love yourself.
It's not a diet.  It's a lifestyle.

For your Sanity:  Disconnect to connect.
Coming February 2018

For your Home:  Create the home of your dreams right where you are.
Love your Home and it will love you back.

For your Journey:  Greatness is a lot of small things done well everyday.
You are more amazing than you think.

For your Heart:  In the end, love doesn't keep thinking about it or planning it.  
Simply put:  Love Does!
31 Inspirations to show what Love looks like.

Do you have books to recommend?  It's so good to read with friends.


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