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Done and Done!

January 24, 2018

We all have 15 minutes.  We can even find ourselves suspended in time - driving to work, waiting at a Doctor's office, being in-between projects, household duties and carpooling kiddos.  It isn't really a matter of not enough time as it is more about what is essential.  Clearing the clutter in our life opens it up to spending more time on what brings you joy, satisfaction, and purpose.  If you still think you need to be more organized to stuff more into your day, Greg McKeown's book Essentialism will give you a healthier perspective of time.

What can you do in 15 minutes?

Set a timer and see.

1.    Make a list of what you can get done in 15 minutes.  [I like to validate you list-makers.]
2.    Fold laundry
3.    Put away laundry
4.    Do the dishes
5.    Sweep the floor
6.    Delete emails
7.    Read or listen to a book
8.    Take a shower
9.    Make your bed
10.  Pick up toys
11.  Jot down what made you smile today
12.  Add to your Ta-da! list
13.  Read to a child
14.  Ask your child about their day
15.  Write a note of encouragement
16.  Phone a friend
17.  Hang a picture on the wall
19.  Sort a drawer
20.  Talk to your husband
21.  Write in a journal
22.  Take a walk
23.  Aerobic exercise
24.  Scan some photos
25.  Pick a recipe to try

Don't try these:

1.  Organizing a Pinterest board
2.  Checking any social media
3.  Watching Fixer Upper

What can you add to these lists?

The idea is to Get Started and feel more control and peace.  If you have 30 minutes or an hour, set a timer and STOP when it goes off so you don't get too tired making it a challenge to complete the project.  

If you're feeling overwhelmed under piles, begin somewhere.  Expect it to take a year.  Slow and steady worked for the Tortoise, right?  The Hare ran out of steam, got distracted, and wasn't a finisher.  The goal is to create a space for living that is easily maintained so all your effort won't need to be repeated with more overhauls.  It's a beautiful feeling.


Perfect is great!  Done is better.


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