#Smile 365

January Smiles [Top Ten]

January 30, 2018

1.  Paid it backwards at a fast food drive-thru
2.  Ikea commercial "Start the car!'
3.  2 days of rain followed by blue skies and sunshine
4.  News of going to Aruba in February
5.  My son's Open House for their new office building.  So proud.
6.  Getting nails done with my daughter.  Phil keeps us laughing - no extra charge.
7.  Talking and laughing with a friend
8.  FB share:  When you go to the gym and have no idea of what you're doing.  https://www.facebook.com/XxMakeupandbeautyxX/videos/2014903605449914/
9.   70 degree weather in January
10. Organizing my kitchen - once and for all

1.   FaceTime with Jessa
2.   Movie Matinee - The Greatest Showman
3.   Christmas in January with all my kids
4.   Still love a good massage
5.   A great day at the temple
6.   Roadtrip with my daughter
7.   Dinner and a play with good friends
8.   Finally getting Netflix
9.   Planning a summer trip
10. Fresh vegetables from My Mr. B's winter garden


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