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Kitchen cupboard CPR [tools of the trade]

January 20, 2018

When you decide to "live like you're moving", it creates a paradigm shift.  Belongings and stuff are now evaluated on two criteria:  (1) how much do I use it? and (2) do I have space for it?  

You might ask, "What if I love something more than I use it?  Sentimental treasures?  Consider finding ways to bring them out and enjoy the memories attached to them.  In the end criteria #2 must be addressed.  Too much stuff is a sign of procrastination.

Baby steps.  Performing home CPR with this new end in mind should be done slowly, and yet methodically to keep progressing.

I'm fortunate my kitchen has ample storage space.  It still can get gnarly, though.

The above cupboards aren't bad, but can you see the second shelf on the right - my small glasses are stacked precariously.  I no longer need sippy cups and the blue and pink plastic serving bowls and cups - why do I still have them?  My holiday goblets are in the red boxes.  It's a good spot for them when I don't use them often.

  • purchased this shelf organizer and moved my small glasses and dessert cups to the bottom shelf.  
  • tossed the pink and blue kiddo plastics - bought a couple more of the clear plastic cups on the top shelf.
  • kept only the amount of tall, matching glasses I had room for 
  • took the ME mug out of its box and now it inspires me and encourages me to use it

These are the best!  I've ordered several of them from Amazon.

Before:  my baking tools have always been so difficult to get at.  Many times pans would come tumbling out when trying to find what I needed.

Now:  The biggest change was re-arranging the pie plates, muffin tins, and cookie sheets.  Truthfully, I don't make pies much anymore.  I purged the pie tins and moved the cookie sheets to another cabinet.  The red pie baking dish, along with the round spring form pan, made the cut because I might be ambitious again someday and use them. 
This handy stacker can be used two ways - vertical or horizontal.  My frying pans didn't fit, but they are great for pot lids and the baking pans above.
Before:  It would be great to have those pull-out shelves, but we don't and and won't.

Getting out pots and pans has always been a challenge.  And an even greater one putting them back nice and neat so the pans and lids don't fall out.

Notice how dirty my shelves are?  I've made the cleaning easy by using a shelf liner.  It really is embarrassing because I only clean them once a year.  There are lots of things a person can hide behind closed doors.

I use this shelf liner (from Bed Bath Beyond) in all my kitchen cabinets. 
It's easy to take out, scrub down, and put back.

Now:  I purged and rearranged putting like with like.  The biggest help was the lid stacker.  Love those!

I did keep the hamburger press and the hot water pitcher - they are behind the lid stacker.  The large round stoneware is still there - I need to learn how to use it or give it away.  Anyone love to cook with stoneware?  I have a large cookie sheet of it as well.

Universal CPR Law #2:

I know you think the goal of clearing clutter is to create more space; however, I've found a paradox to this goal.  Space needs to be defined or it will take the path of least resistence and fill up randomly.

An example is with our kitchen tools and everyone's junk drawer.  They might look full, but I can find exactly what I'm looking for, quickly.

These expandable organizers are so handy if you don't want a jar of spoons, whisks, and spatulas on your countertop.

My "junk" drawer has looked this way for over 5 years now. 
The dividers are so great.  I like these clear ones from Bed Bath.

When Mr B was wondering when I was going to organize our "tupperware" I said, "Be my guest." 

He relocated them to this shelf instead of a lower one I had used.  He's 6'3" and I'm 5'3" so you can see why.  What a great job!  It has stayed this way for over 6 months.  Minimal maintenance is the goal, right?   

There are some china plates on the top left I don't use or need anymore.  I'm thinking of a cool way to use them.  Pinterest will have an idea.  

How are you doing?  Tackling the kitchen doesn't have to be done in one month, and yet you will love spending more time in there when it's done!  Promise.

Gather your family around and enjoy the good company.


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