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Ta-Da! or To-Do Lists? [Printable]

January 02, 2018

There's something about starting a new year with a clean slate. New possibilities.  More energy and willpower. If you're like Brooke you probably have some lists started.  Maybe you're already thinking about,  "Things to do - Places to go - People to see".

When everyone was gathered on Christmas Eve, I said, "Ok, we need to schedule our vacations!"  After surfing the web we reserved a seaside house on Newport beach. Check! Oh, wait . . . I didn't even have a list to check it off.  Maybe you're not like me because I rarely make lists. I know how important it is to write things down.  Our achievement rate is increased by 42% when we take pen to paper.  Lists are just hard for me, and yet people describe me as organized.  What did we do before iPhones?  Made lists, of course.

I bought a beautiful planner one year and filled in all my things to do - had the week filled up.  And what happened the first day?  Nothing went as planned.  Now what?  Do I push all of today's to-do's to the next page?  What about the items already there?  Obviously there is more to making lists than simply buying a pretty planner and jotting things down.  You already know that.

For those who like to switch it up now and then . . . how about a Ta-da! list?  When you get something done, write it down.  "I didn't hit the snooze alarm."  Yay for me!  "I made my bed."  Way to go!  "I ate a healthy breakfast."  Nice!  "I stayed calm on the freeway."  You're awesome!  "I stayed on task with my project."  Score!  "I went to bed with a clean kitchen sink."  Ta-da!  

When I think of a clean slate, I see orderly cabinets and de-junked closets and drawers.  Now, that motivates me!  I already have started in the kitchen.

Notebooks and lots of color get my attention, though.  If you're distracted by attracted to pretty objects, too, I made these notebook papers just for you.  Copy as needed and add your own lined paper behind the "To-dah!" and "To-do" pages or there is a page for lists.  Ten lines are perfect for writing down your Top 10 Smiles each month.  Just a thought.

Happy New Year!


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