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Create a Haven [series]

February 11, 2018

A haven is a safe place or refuge.

Isn't it what we want our homes to be for all who enter - family and friends alike?  Whether it's at the beginning or end of the day, whether we're coming or going, home should be a place where warm memories are made and dreams are lived.  It's where you raise your children, love your spouse, and create a life together.  Your home gives you a place to relax, rewind, and rejuvenate at the end of a chaotic day.  It whispers, "Welcome home.  I'm so glad you are here."

We can always create the home of our dreams by being aware of simple details.  It's a process and maybe will take some tweaking before your reality and craziness blend together into something beautiful.  Enjoy the process!

Does your front entry reflect your personality?

If you're like me and Mr. B, we enter through the garage because we actually park our cars there.  A novel idea, right?  I do think about my front door entrance though, and it is on my list to add more charm and personality.  Do you want guests to think fun, creative, warm, friendly, crazy or charming?

After the holidays our outdoor entry is a little bare, so I leave the berry wreaths up until after Valentines.  It's red.  It works before changing it up for the new season.  Even though it's winter, we have beautiful weather here in Las Vegas and Spring is making her debut.

Our front door was painted a perfect blue to pick up a subtle color in our brick.  It makes it easy with directions, "We're the house on the corner with the blue door."  

Do you still have a Christmas wreath up?  Now might be a good time to take it down.  

Let's consider simple details to make your home a welcoming place.

Keep your entrance clean and tidy.  Sweep off the front porch from wind-blown leaves.  It's not always easy to remember when you come in through the garage.  The door also collects dust and can use a periodic wipe-down.  Even if you don't update with the seasons, a clean entrance shows you care and makes others feel more comfortable.

Dos your door need a fresh coat of paint?  Could you use a new door mat?

Keep the light on.  I turn on the lights at night and Mr. B is in the habit of turning them off in the morning. In the evenings we don't spend a lot of time in the living room, so the lights aren't always on.  When I know people are coming, though, I always make sure the room is lit up inside.

Express yourself.  Your entryway gives the first impression into your world.  Decorate with art and accessories that tell your story.  Include something unexpected.

Mr. B is a hunter and "Charles" was too large to hang anywhere else.  Interestingly, no one sees him right away as I'm telling them to "watch your step" from the step-down entryway.  They look down instead of up in our vaulted living room.  Works for me.

There are other ways to express yourself.  Do you enjoy traveling, reading, photography.  Let your personality shine.

Make room in your space for living.  It doesn't matter how big or small your entry is or if it is formal or through the back door, do you have a place for coats, shoes, keys, backpacks, or the mail.  Each of these items needs a home as well or it will end up blocking the walkway.

We don't wear coats very often, so there isn't a need for an official coat closet or a place for wet, muddy shoes in our dry climate.  Let your necessities blend in and add to the charm of your life and home.

If your entry way looks tired and cluttered, set aside some time to look at it with new eyes and make some edits.

You give a gift to others by making them feel

comfortable and welcomed, 

not by changing who you are.

I always feel like back-door guests are best.  Stop by anytime.


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