#Smile 365

February Smiles [Top Ten]

February 28, 2018

1.   Our beautiful Pear tree - always the first sign of Spring.
2.   Brunch with a friend @ Kneaders
3.   Gave a Bundlet to a friend - got 2 back!
4.   Seeing that even Barbies need a time-out
5.   Dinner out for son's birthday, with his lovely girlfriend
6.   Finding a great book(s) to read
7.   Receiving a specific compliment
8.   Lovely wedding shower brunch @ Mimi's Cafe
9.   Side-splitting, back-breaking, toupee flinging Grease look-alike's performance from Laaas Vegas locos - Hotel Barcelo resort
10. Blues, beaches, and stunning sunsets of Aruba!

1.    Babysitting Baby Thomas
2.    Wedding invitation from sweet Lindsey
3.    A visit from My Mr. B's cousin and friends
4.    Still love Sunday dinners with my son and his girl
5.    Camping with friends on a beautiful lake
6.    Binge watching Parenthood on Netflix
7.    Beautiful weather
8.    Late nights watching the Olympics.  Go USA!!
9.    A great New Beginnings for the 12-year-old girls at church
10.  Reading Wonder - and loving it!!



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