#Smile 365

March Smiles [Top Ten]

March 30, 2018

One of the perks of living in Las Vegas.
1.   Mr B's birthday dinner out with the family.
2.   Spending a week babysitting grandkiddos - a real vacation for me!
3.   Another Season of Poledark
4.   Hearing and shaking hands with Kim B. Clark
5.   Successful day of shopping - and not even for retail therapy
6.   Dreaming about my She-shed (office)
7.   Mr. B putting down wood floors
8.   Dinner in with friends and Marie Callender's banana cream pie
9.   Dinner out with my lovely daughter and attending the "Bobby Bones" show
10. Planting our garden

1.    Back surgery scheduled
2.    Hospital visits from friends
3.    Sleeping in my own bed
4.    Lots of food from lots of friends
5.    Knowing it's okay to lay down and watch lots of TV
6.    Walking a mile with no pain
7.    FaceTime with Jessa
8.    Getting a new camper
9.    Planning family trips
10.  Seeing my children's smiles as they make adult decisions
11.  Getting my Magnolia magazine, courtesy of Bailey

Image credit:
unsplash-logoDan Gold


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