#Home CPR

April Home CPR Challenge: Bedroom dressers

April 13, 2018


This post is only about my dresser.  Mr. B's is always organized.
I have a jewelry box on top, as you can see.  
You would think it's enough, but watches, bangles, and chunky jewelry take up space. 
And how do bracelets and necklaces always get tangled up when you're not looking.
Is there some kind of party going on I don't know about?
This used to be my middle junk drawer.
I don't even use that address book anymore.  Why is it still there?
Need to save that Fitbit box - for some reason.
Gotta have a stash of greeting cards - somewhere.
These are my two side junk drawers.
Yes, I have three.
Can you spy the whoopee cushion hiding in there?
Got some guitar things - haven't started strummin' yet.
I don't even know what the cords are for.
This is a gathering of gift items from thoughtful people . . . markers, pens, tags, note cards.
I'm just going to assume you have a drawer or two that needs some breathing room.

Two "now" pics . . . down two "junk" drawers.  One more to go.

These challenges are for me, too.  I still have a nightstand to de-junk and Mr. B has a box on the floor full of can't-live-without mementos.  Won't you join me . . . us?


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