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April 05, 2018

Our challenge last month was to dejunk and organize the bathroom drawers, under the sinks, etc., as the list suggests.  

I've been meaning to get to my my vanity drawers for decades.  Which begs the question - If they are such little drawers, why haven't I done it already?  Am I really that busy I couldn't take out 15 minutes to pitch and purge?  

Why am I hanging on to white clown makeup - in my makeup drawer?  Do I plan to trowel it on over the ever-increasing wrinkles?

Why so many buttons?  Am I saving them for some button art projects on Pinterest? 

The General Finishes stain pamphlet is legit, though.  I need to refinish the master bath cabinets.

The million-dollar question is . . . Why do we an officially appointed "junk drawer"?  In more than one room of the house?

To answer the first question - Why haven't I organized this area, yet? - certain organizational tools do need to be purchased to keep your efforts in place for the long term.
I always go to Bed Bath to get these clear trays that come in all shapes and sizes.  Remember one of the Universal Laws of home CPR is, "Every empty space must be filled."  Without purpose or intention, the empty void slowly fills back in from indecision.  Having defined spaces keeps order and provides a signal to perform CPR if the drawers start getting too full.
Ahh . . . feels so good.  Now, there is more space than I need.  I don't even use all those brushes, so they are acting as a placeholder for the moment.  Still have the buttons because they are replacements for clothing I still own.

I didn't take now pics of these middle drawers, but trust me they are totally pared down and organized so I know where everything is.  There's no shuffling through to find something.
I know.  Seriously?  What was I thinking?  Well, I thought maybe I could use those empty #10 cans for something.  Not the best choice for a rectangular space.  It always bugged me and was a bother - a clue to make a change.

This is perfect for the bathroom.  The sides are adjustable and the whole unit can easily be taken out if there is a plumbing project.  Love it!  

This recent find is one of my all-time favorites I found at Target.  

Can I get a Hallelujah and an Amen?  All the spaces are defined, organized and functional.  I won't have to repeat the whole process in another year, either.  Work smart, not harder.

The other two bathrooms in the house simply needed minor de-junking.  Why so many sunscreens, though? 

If you're feeling tired at home, you probably have too much stuff.  Give your home a hug and it will repay you in more time for the other things you love, too.


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