Be Decisive

May 07, 2018

Is decision making easy for you?  "Full steam ahead!"  Or are you an Alice in a Wonderland asking the Cheshire cat, "Which way should I go?"

Have you considered what blocks the process?  Fear, doubt, cost or perhaps even perfectionism?  What is the worst case scenario?  What is the most wonderful thing that could happen from this choice or path? 

I regret nothing.  Ever. 
- says the handsome pirate, Jack Sparrow

Analytical minds will create a pros and cons list to sort things out.  A great beginning . . . measure, sift, weigh and pound it out until the answer reveals itself.  How do you quantify the longings of the heart, though?  "It's complicated."  Life is.  Relationships are.  Choices can be. 

If we only had ourselves to think about, it would all be very quite simple, right?  We like simple here.  And yet, the very simple question, "What do I want?" can get us lost in a maze of wonderings until we are nowhere closer to the answer and even more confused.

The 5 Essential Whys to Life's Greatest Questions

Question #1:  What do I want?

Try this little exercise:  keep answering the "why" until you get to the "what".  Use it for any conundrum.  It's a start.


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