Learning to Be Observant

June 29, 2018

I'm going to tell you how much thought I put into our word of the month - Be Observant.  Bailey texted me on June 1st and asked if I would select the word for the month.  I had just been to the Visitor's Center at Grand Teton's National Park and had purchased some cute bookmarks.  One was entitled, Advice from an Owl.  The advice included, "Stay focused; Be whooo you are; Trust in a wise friend; Glide through the dark times; Life's a hoot!; and Be Observant.

If you are observant, you are quick to notice things.  You are watchful and aware.

As we traveled through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and all the states in between we observed the beauty of this great land, the mountains, the valleys, the lakes, and rivers, and learned so much about this country.  We were continually on the look-out for wildlife.  Have you ever observed elk playing in a creek?  How about bears digging at stumps:  We did!!  Then there was the buffalo herd just walking down the center of the road and stopping traffic for miles.  But the next day we observed two buffalo running down the highway.  Some observant bike riders stayed on one side of a passing truck to keep away from them.

Luckily we observed that snake on the trail one day, before it observed us.
We were traveling with several other friends, who were in their own campers.  One of them was quick to point out that I wasn't very observant that one morning when I stubbed my toe and broke it. I guess I need to learn to be more observant.
How many times have you wished you were a fly on the wall so you could observe someone?  It was fun to observe a pair of six-year-olds flirting with each other across the aisle at church last week.
We should all learn to be more observant.  Observe the beauty around you, the people around you, and the opportunities to help yourself and others.


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