Learning to Be Creative

July 27, 2018

Ok, I did it again - looked the word up in the dictionary.  Creative means:  Having the quality or power of creating.  Resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.

That kind of threw me for a loop, because I'm not very creative at all.  The last time I really created something original was 31 years ago when my baby boy was born.  But My Mr. B helped with that one.  I can sew - or I used to sew years ago.  But let me tell you that when I got home with my pattern and material, I had chosen material that looked like the picture on the pattern.

I was a court reporter for years and yes, I had to take down everything that was said in court.  After the court proceedings, I had to transcribe those words into a form that others could read.  So I like to say I've not had an original thought for years.  That's my excuse, anyway.

Yes, I try new things.  But where did I get the idea to try something?  Thank the Lord for Pinterest, Chip and Joanna, HGTV, etc.  It's not an original Brooke idea.  My Mr. B is very creative.  I may ask him to build me something, but then he puts his own twist on it - and it's wonderful.

I like to cook, but I need a recipe to follow.  Now after I've made something a few times I may tweak it or add or delete something from it, but I still need that recipe.  I have a friend that can make anything.  She can taste something in a dish she may like and then goes home and recreates it.  Or, she is so creative that she just starts trying different combinations of spices and food and whatever she makes turns out great.

Then, there is a friend that decided to take up painting - pictures that is.  She's never painted before in her life, but now she is creating these beautiful pictures.  I know I can't do that.  I don't have an artistic bone in my body.  Bailey's sister is very creative.  I remember when she helped me make a Valentine's Day box for my grade school party.  See, I needed help even at an early age.

So the bottom line is, I will be creative in my own way.  Borrowing ideas from others and putting my own twist on them.  I have CREATED a Pinterest board with ideas that I like, from home decorating to food to funny things that I want to remember.

What do you like to create?


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