#Smile 365

July Smiles [Top Ten]

July 31, 2018

1.   Surviving a 3-day road trip to help family move out of state
2.   Old nasty carpet gone
3.   5 days at the gym - in a row  (I was going to say "streak", but . . . )
4.   4th of July BBQ and swim with the Fam
5.   3 birthday dinners
6.   2 deer heads out of the master bedroom
7.   Rearranged guest room and painted walls
8.   Clean car mats
9.   103-day streak on Duo Lingo - muy bueno!
10.  Looking for our next home

1.   Celebrating Whitney's birthday
2.   Weekend away with friends
3.   Catching and then cooking our meal - Scallops!
4.   Mamma Mia!  Here we go again  
5.   An afternoon with Jessa - and her family
6.   Makena's 6th birthday party - cupcakes, pizza, and swimming
7.   A Great massage
8.   Dakota, a three-year-old friend, telling me, as she was giving me a hug, "You're just
      like Mommy, but OLD!"  (That one actually made me laugh)
9.   Pool party with the Young Women
10. Anne with an E on Netflix


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