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Ten Essential Moving Tips

July 12, 2018

We all know moving is very stressful for the one relocating and for friends and family who have been enlisted to help.  Without some organization and planning, the scenario typically unfolds like this.

2 months before:  "I need to go through my stuff and dejunk."

1 month before:  "I need to go through my stuff and dejunk now."

2 weeks before:  "I don't have time to dejunk."

1 week before:  "Can you help me move?"

2 days before:  (packing everything)  "I'll dejunk as I unpack because then I will be able to see how much room I have."

1 day before:  "Yikes!  I need more boxes . . . more help . . . more time!"

Moving day:  The moving truck is full, but the house isn't empty.    The extra storage unit is full, but the moving truck isn't empty.  Stress level is at a 15.

Save energy, and resources with a few essential tips:

Don't take clutter with you.  When the For Sale sign goes up, it is NOT the time to start thinking about dejunking.  It takes time and energy and only you can make those decisions.  It's not kind to ask for help and then waste resources of boxes and time expecting others to pack up years of indecision.  Start early and stay steady with Home CPR on a drawer, closet, or room.  On moving day you'll be glad you did and so will your helpers.

Tip #2:  Label (color code) your boxes

This may seem elementary, even if you are hire professional packers.    Label the general contents and what room they will be going into.  If you love to color code everything, this is your chance to show off skills!  Once when helping a move, I asked the movers to label on the box what the contents came out of - china hutch, orange cabinet, purple sideboard, white cabinets, bedroom armoire, etc, helping the owner relocated items later.  Chances are, however, if something hasn't seen daylight for decades, you won't even remember having it.

Tip #3:  Nuts and Bolts

If furniture needs to be dismantled, keep all the nuts, bolts, and screws together in a reclosable bag and tape it securely to the respective furniture - along with assembly instructions, if needed.  If you're organized, someone just might help put your bed frame together.

Keep your tool box essentials handy.  It's very maddening to search high and low for that hammer or screwdrivers.

@ Udi Tirosh
Avoid getting your cords and cables lost or tangled.

Tip #4:  Keep wardrobe clothes on hangers

If you're moving yourself, there's no need to take clothes off of the hangers.  Save time by grouping clothes and securing them with zip ties.  Poke the hangers through the bottom of a garbage bag and pull down over clothes to keep them clean during the move.  Professional movers should provide wardrobe boxes for hanging.

Tip #5:  Buy lots of plastic wrap and foam plates

  For bins of toys

@ Dave Hax moving tips
Keep doors and drawers closed.

@ How Does She
Place a paper or polystyrene plate in between plates and and wrap with bubble wrap and tape. Cutlery is wrapped up, too.  Wala!

Tip #6:  Take pictures

If you finally came up with a good wall grouping of framed photos or vignettes around the home, take a picture in case you can use it in your new place.  I do this all the time for the holiday decorations, too.  

I would definitely need this!

Tip #7:  Pack Empty Spaces

@ Hip to Save
 In sauce pans and casserole dishes, too

Wrap knives together and put in an oven glove with points down.

Tip #8:  Handle with care - Mark "fragile" 

Always pack plates and glasses vertically.  Be sure to pack boxes from heavy to light too – so tumblers and vases go in first, and delicate stem glasses should be packed towards the top and covered with a cushioning layer. 

In addition to large amounts of bubble wrap, tape an "x" across glass mirrors and framed objects. This helps to stop them shattering.

Tip #9:  First day Essentials

As organized as you might be, the first day in a new place will be mayhem.  Get a clear container and pack some essentials - toilet paper, garbage bags, spray cleaner, hand soap, dish soap, a tea towel, light bulbs, chargers, pet or baby food, a few utensils and paper plates.  Oh, and a gallon of milk.  Luckily a new neighbor brought some over to us with toilet paper!

Tip #10:  Clean as you pack

The last time our family moved was nearly 30 years ago.  I cleaned as I packed, and on moving day I was sweeping out the garage as the truck pulled away - and we did, too.  Never needing to come back again.

Happy Trails to You!


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