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October: Be Giving

October 15, 2018

The first week in October we flew from Pensacola, Florida to Seattle, Washington to visit family. While we were there a hurricane was brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.  Projections had it headed right to our area.  In anticipation of the storm, our neighbors secured what they could at our house.

Meanwhile, in Seattle there wasn't much we could do, but pray.  Our flight home was cancelled, as the Pensacola airport was closed.  We had to figure out how to get home.  We flew into Mobile, Alabama, about 50 miles west of home, on Wednesday.  By the time we got home Hurricane Michael had already pounded through Florida and was making its way northeast.  Our home was spared.  We got a little rain, but that's it.
Hurricane Michael came ashore about 50 miles east of us.  It was the third-most intense hurricane to make landfall in the United States, reaching winds of 155 miles per hour.  I read a report that said, "numerous homes were flattened and trees felled. . ."  That doesn't come close to describing the devastation.

Last week My Mr. B and about 20 friends from his church went over with tractors and chainsaws to help with the cleanup efforts.  They spent the whole day in one neighborhood in a small town.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law were with a group in the same small town, as were a group from my church and a group of other friends.  They never saw each other, but their pictures all look the same.

My family, friends, and church are back at it again this weekend.  Actually groups have been going every day.  It warms my heart when I see the good that comes from all this bad.  Restaurants opening their doors and feeding people.  Tide setting up clothes washing services.  People helping people.

But the thing that brought tears to my eyes (or even more tears) was when these people who have lost everything want to give us something.  We came home with fruit from their trees that had fallen, home grown frozen peas (My Mr. B's favorite).  They said they needed to give them to us because they had no electricity.  They had nothing, but gave all they could.  It reminded me of the Widow's mite.  She gave all she had to the church.

We've all heard, "it's better to give than to receive."  I think giving, real giving, with no agenda, sets off some endorphins or something in our brain.  I know it makes me feel so good - better than exercising.

A wise friend of mine once said, "If I cannot give and share while I have a little, then I will never have enough to share."


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