Learning to Be Glad

November 26, 2018

My middle name is Pollyanna.  Not really, but it is one of my favorite movies.  I find myself playing a version of the Glad Game all the time.  As you know, Florida has had its share of hurricanes.  I feel so bad for those who are still trying to clean up from Hurricane Michael.  Over the years that I've lived here, we have had varying degrees of problems from these storms.  But I can tell you that during the aftermath of each one of those events, I have found something to be glad about.   I love to see people come together.  Always we meet new friends.  

There is always an issue with the power.  It was really nice to not have the sounds of the TV on all the time.  During one storm without power, I practiced the piano so much.  Until my kids hid my piano books, because, as they said, "We just couldn't listen to 'When the Saints Go Marching In,' anymore.  I should tell you that I only took lessons for a short time, but I'm glad I know where middle C is.

The fourth verse of one of my favorite hymns says, "There is gladness in my soul today, and hope and praise and love. . ."  I looked glad up in the dictionary - you know that's just what I do when Bailey asks me to respond to our "B" word.  Glad is defined as, having a cheerful or happy disposition. Pleased; delighted.   Wouldn't you want to be remembered as someone that was glad?!

There is a poem by I. J. Bartlett that I learned in my youth.  As you read it, just think how glad you would be to live in this town.

There's a town called Don't-You-Worry
On the banks of River Smile.
Where the Cheer-Up and Be-Happy
Blossom sweetly all the while.
Where the Never-Grumble flower
Blooms beside the fragrant Try.
And the Ne'er-Give-Up and Patience
Point their faces to the sky.

In the valley of Contentment
In the province of I-Will
You will find this lovely city,
At the foot of No-Fret hill,
There are thoroughfares delightful
In this very charming town,
And on every hand are shade trees
Named the Very-Seldom-Frown.

Rustic benches, quite enticing
You'll find scattered here and there
And to each a vine is clinging
Called the Frequent-Earnest - Prayer.
Everybody there is happy
And is singing all the while,
In the town of Don't-You-Worry
On the banks of River Smile.

I'm so glad that Bailey suggested Be Glad for November.  It reminds me to be glad for the little things that come my way.

Thanks for stopping by!  I enjoy your good company,


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