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Thanksgiving Family Fun [Gratitude Game Printable]

November 19, 2018

Whether your gathering around the table is with friends or family, or both, it does the soul good to pause and give thanks.  Maybe you also have the tradition of taking a turn and sharing something from the last year, last month, or even last week that made you stop, look up and say "thank you".

I have visions of heartfelt moments of reflection and increased love going from person to person.  A blanket of warmth wrapped around each family member giving them a sense of belonging.  Peace filling the air.

Screech.  The violins stop.  And then reality hits.  

We have 7 active grandchildren and the men outnumber the women.  The kiddos barely sit down long enough to eat, and the men are not so prone to reflection.  We keep up the tradition, though, because a gratitude attitude fosters happiness, not things.  And those little darlings are growing up too fast and soon it won't take very long to set the table.

It's always fun to add a twist to the activities, so here is one a friend shared with us during a lovely meal last night.  It's easy and you may even have the bag of candy already.

Grab a bag of multi-colored M&Ms -
pick a candy, match the color and share.

If you didn't see last year's list of family Traditions and Thanksgiving day activities, skip on over HERE.

When the last good-byes are said, I'm grateful for:

  1. a house to clean = a safe place to live
  2. grocery shopping = dollars to provide 
  3. dishes to wash = food to eat
  4. crumbs under the table = a fun family meal
  5. lots of noise = people in my life

Have a wonderful Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving!  It's all good.

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