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Christmas Fun and Games [printable link]

December 17, 2018

Mr. B and I recently had our 10th Annual grandkiddo "slumber under the Christmas tree" tradition and sleepover.  The oldest grandchild is 14 down to our little 6-yr old.  My daughter starts asking me in October if I've given it some thought because she has already started her Christmas music or movies and is waiting for the Hallmark movie season to begin.

In previous years these gatherings have been quite the production of themed activities:  snowmen, trees, the Grinch, PJs and pancakes, to name a few.  I've used many of the Pinterest ideas HERE.  The kids usually arrive for dinner and the evening/morning activities will include an art project, making an ornament, reading a Christmas book, music, games, making cookies, caroling to our neighbors, popcorn, a movie and cold/hot/lukewarm cocoa.  Yes, there is stress involved.  Mostly for Mr. B.

This year I took my own advice and made everything more simple.  When they arrived I said,  "I have lots of things planned.  We can do them all or some.  Now that you're older, we can still have fun without running around wild and crazy, right?"  And we did!  No stress was involved.

The following activities are listed on my Pinterest board and were a hit this year.

1.  Painting with Forks:  Artist tip . . . know when to stop painting.

2.  Merry Clues Scavenger Hunt and 5 Games:  This was sooo easy and fun!  All the printables were provided from the Dating Divas and very little items were needed for each activity.

*  Name that Tune
*  Pictionary
*  Who Am I?
*  The Night Before Christmas Madlibs
*  Don't Eat the Reindeer!

The final clue led them to a large bag with a wrapped book for each of them - suggestions from their mothers.  The kiddos, big and small, loved all of the games and the hunt.

3.  Pinecone ornaments:  easy and fun.  The "theme" for this year.

These ornaments were in memory of our previous home, and the cones were from the big pine trees we had in the backyard.  Just taking a little part of it with us.

My daughter also gave each household a watercolor photo ornament of our "forever home".

4.  Christmas with the Right Family:  there are plenty of versions to this RIGHT-LEFT gift exchange game, yet I liked the version I played this year with the church women.  I'll be using it for next year's sleepover!

Everyone brings a wrapped gift of one of their favorite things or something others would enjoy. These are nice, yet simple or inexpensive gifts, not the goofy white elephant you kept from last year.  Sit in a circle with the gift you brought on your lap and listen carefully to the story.  Pass the presents, right or left, whenever you hear the words. 


No arguing, grabbing or coveting - unless you like that kind of game.  This game is really great for a large group.

Our sleepover was upgraded to 2.0, as Jenna said, to include inflatable mattresses for everyone and we had the floor space now.  Hmmm.  Our tree looks a little dwarfed, yet it's the perfect size.

For Christmas breakfast we always have my Cinnamon twists and this year I prepared - the day before - a Tator Tot breakfast casserole.  Loaded with goodness.

From our home to yours, may you enjoy the goodness around you as well this holiday season!



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