#Smile 365

December Smiles [Top Ten]

December 24, 2018

1.   Meet and Greet with the new neighbors on our street
2.   Holiday breakfast with my daughters
3.   Playing the Left-Right gift exchange game with the church ladies
4.   Dinner out with a friend and receiving an Aroma essential oil necklace - love it!
5.   Seven children sleeping under our Christmas tree
6.   Fun art projects with our grandchildren
7.   Making a Christmas pillowcase for a little girl
8.   Breaking bread with old friends in our new home
9.   Seeing Christmas through the eyes of children
10. A year of blessings and tender mercies

1.   Spending the afternoon with Dakota, a very sweet four-year-old.
2.   Christmas Charades with the Youth
3.   Dinner with old and new friends
4.   Planning our next spring/summer adventure
5.   A great day at the temple
6.   Wrapping Christmas presents
7.   FaceTime call from a friend in Africa
8.   Watching three little girls get excited about their Cuddle+Kind dolls
9.   Christmas dinner with our Florida family the weekend before Christmas
10. A white Christmas in Montana with all our kids and nieces and their families.


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