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A Simple SHO Way to Achieve Balance [printable]

January 09, 2019

It's been a year since I facilitated a women's group discussion on the topic of Balance.  And I'm still following one of the most simple suggestions I've heard on the subject.  It also was one of our BE-Attitudes in 2018.

Women find it particularly hard to balance their lives, don't they?  Juggling home, family, work, friends, personal time and hobbies.  Hobbies?  What are those and where do they fit in?  Well, there is a store, you know, called Hobby Lobby.  And Pinterest makes you feel creative (without really doing anything) by simply tapping the screen.  It also gives hope of a beautiful time and space - down the road.  I love Pinterest - such a simple, genius idea.

Stress is a killer for all aspects of our lives, literally and figuratively.  Every January we tend to evaluate our priorities - where to improve and what to remove.  It's an important exercise.  Our health depends upon it, and joy requires it.  We can't do everything.  It bears repeating.  We cannot do everything . . . right now.  Choices must be made and perspectives require clarity.

Easier said than done? 
How to tell if you are "out of round".
You . . . 
  • sigh - out loud - too much
  • feel exhausted at the end of the day
  • experience anxiety or anger
  • are a yeller
  • have poor physical health
  • feel like a martyr
  • frequently say, "I don't have time for . . ."
  • feel guilty
Rest assured you are not alone in your feelings.  Yet, why carry the heavy burden?  Isn't it time to treat yourself with the same efforts you give to others?

How to start achieving Balance:
  • identify triggers that set you off . . . what is their frequency?
  • pay attention to your body talk . . . prevention costs less than a Dr visit
  • have a family council . . . ask for and expect help at home 
  • find a trusted, emotionally-well friend . . . or get counseling
  • take a walk . . . when down or depressed, it may be the hardest thing, yet the best thing to do
  • take a 7-day fast from social media
  • read a book . . . or engage in your favorite past time
  • create a sanctuary . . . self-nurturing isn't being selfish - it's being sane

DRUMROLL!  Here is the simplest suggestion I received to begin achieving balance.

Every day do 3 things:
  1. something for yourself - S
  2. something for the home - H
  3. something for someone else - O
I love it because you probably are already doing these 3 things every day, without even thinking about it.  There's the problem.  The challenge is being aware of your goodness and accepting it as enough for today.  What you do is enough.  Another season, time or day you can do more, yet today what you did mattered.

Last year my granddaughter (14) started a bullet journal and has an amazing artistic ability for lettering.  I asked her for something simple to keep track of my daily "3 things".  She quickly drew up this wreath.  Fill in the key at the bottom with three different colors.  Each day of the month is represented with three similar flowers or leaves to color in.  The intent is to see if there is a balance of self, home, and others.  It helps to write down what you do, too.

Feel free to DOWNLOAD this Printable.

Generally, men don't seem to outwardly show stress due to personal imbalances.  Why is that?  Get up, go to work, come home, relax.  Repeat.  Does their stress come from a woman who is maxed out, worn out, anxious or angry?   Maybe being in-tune at home will help with an out-of-round wife.  And if she is a mother, "If Mama ain't happy, nobody's happy." 

What helps you to achieve balance?


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