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Beam Me Up

May 04, 2019

 As you know, My Mr. B has been working hard for years transforming our house into something with so much personality.  A couple of years ago I boldly stated that there were only three things that needed to be completed for it to be "done."  Our french doors need to be painted.  We did that earlier this year.

I need a sink in my laundry room.  There is a space for it - but we are still negotiating about the style/type/price of the sink.

And I needed/wanted a beam in my living room.  I'm here to tell you that the BEAM IS UP!!
My Mr. B had to finish some other projects in his shop so he had room to work on that really longgggg beam.  It is 27 feet long!

On a Friday night he called our neighbors and friends to see if they would be available on Saturday morning to help us.  I use the word "us" and "we" rather loosely because I was not going to be any help at all. But I think it's okay if I say "we" made a beam, and "we" put up a beam, and "we" fixed this and that.  Really, whose idea was the beam to begin with?  So would there even be a beam without me?

The next morning, on Saturday, some of our neighbors may have been cussing My Mr. B's first wife (that would be me) under their breath.   That was one heavy beam.  I'm saying that not because I helped at all, but because I could see it in their faces and hear it in their voices.  Who knew it would take a village to raise a beam?!!

That is all one piece.  Or I should say My My B made it all one piece - from many tiny strips of wood that he glued together and then planed down.

I'm not sure what designers would say, but I think it adds texture and definition to the space.

And with the ceiling fans and lights hanging from it - it's just perfect.  

It was just a tad bit shorter than it was supposed to be.  

You know what I really did help with?  I stood on a ladder and held the tape measure while My Mr. B was measuring how long it needed to be.  Guess I may not have held it tight enough.  But upon reflection, My Mr. B said it was a good thing it was short because they wouldn't have been able to get it up there if it fit too snug.  (I knew that, so you're welcome.)  But you know My Mr. B, he made it look so pretty on both sides, you would think it was supposed to be that way.

So now we just need that laundry room sink.  Not sure when that will happen.  But you know what?  I don't think "we" will ever really be DONE.  There is always going to be something in the works here. Stop by any time - I'm sure "we" could use your help with something.


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