#Smile 365

June Smiles [Top Ten]

June 28, 2019

1.   Starting our backyard plans with concrete
2.   Spending a week at Newport beach with family
3.   Playing yard chess in the sand
4.   Knowing I can still ride a bike - while standing on the pedals
5.   Eating doughnuts 3 times in one week!
6.   Collecting shells with the grandkiddos
7.   Fun in the surf and turf
8.   Buying a new car
9.   Seeing a hummingbird resting on a tree limb
10. Reading great books

1.    Road tripping with old and new friends
2.    Seeing friends I haven't seen in 25+ years
3.    LL Bean in Freeport Maine
4.    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream in Maine
5.    Getting a message from my sweet little friends telling me they won't pee or poop in my pool while I'm gone  (That one actually made me laugh!!)
6.    Dear friends that stayed with me when my husband got sick and had to go to the hospital in Canada
7.    Four men that flew to Canada and drove our truck and camper back to Florida for us  
8.    Family and friends from all over that prayed for us and with us
9.    My daughter's awesome planning and coordinating to get us from Canada back to Florida on Delta Airlines, with wheelchairs and all the help we needed
10.  Being back home with My Mr. B and trying to hold him down while he heals


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