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What Hue are You?

May 09, 2019

Why is it in social circles or family ties we gravitate to some people and feel instantly relaxed or connected - enjoying the same sense of humor, having similar interests or even finding out a background of shared experiences?  And yet, we can meet other people and struggle to carry on a conversation, hit a wall, feel uncomfortable or even defensive?

Have you noticed those who are:
  • driven, decisive and visionary
  • sensitive, creative and loyal 
  • patient, tolerant and flexible
  • charismatic, fun and exciting
Do you at times find yourself respecting, admiring, appreciating, or envying them?

I do all the time, and it's natural.  We often see in others the personality traits we wished we had instead of valuing our own uniqueness.

If this is your first introduction to the Color Code personality science, I'm so excited for you!  It will forever change how you view yourself and engage with others. 

 As a certified trainer, I'll help navigate you through the fascinating world of personalities - your own and those around you.  You will be able to see other's differences as strengths, understand what motivates them, and live and work together with more harmony and productivity. 

Will you start tiptoeing through the tulips or strumming and humming Kumbaya lyrics?  Could you teach me?!  I would LOVE it, but you don't have to get up and dance.

Find out for yourself what this is all about.  Take the Color Code test to determine what your primary color is - Red, Blue, White or Yellow - and we'll talk about the rest.  It's fun and FREE!  

TIP:  When choosing between descriptive words or when answering questions, take a trip back memory lane to when you were a child in grade-school before too much of "life" happened. What was your general behavior or reaction to situations.  If you get stuck between two options, ask someone who knew you well and can be objective.

There's no right or wrong way to Be - except to be honest.  You have come with your own gifts and talents.  Learn to embrace them.

If you already are familiar with Color Code personalities and want input to make a personal or working relationship better, email us at Hello@baileyandbrooke.com.  Share a problem or scenario and we'll respond . . . a little like Dear Abby, only without the Abby and more of Bailey and Brooke.

Thanks for joining us!  We enjoy good company,


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