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June 18, 2019

Nutrition and the best sources for it lead to diverse opinions and research.  It can even challenge a lifestyle (and friendship) we have grown up with and believed in.  How much is a fad or even big business?

Consider the following:
  • What about drinking milk?
  • Don't I need to consume dairy products to get enough calcium?
  • Are grains really that bad for you?
  • Can you change aging diseases by changing the diet?
  • Do cancer cells thrive on sugar?
  • What is the best source of protein?
  • Doesn't eating more carbs put on the pounds?
  • Isn't soy connected to cancer?
  • Moderation in all things is good, right?
I don't know!  Everyone you talk to will have varying degrees of opinion.  What I do know is I refuse to start a prescription before I have given my best efforts in managing my health through my food and lifestyle choices.

My blood workup last year showed an increase in my cholesterol level.  The doctor mentioned a Rx for it.  I dismissed it with, "I'll take care of."   But how?

Very informative and compelling.  We watched the full documentary on Netflix.

What to do with my husband the hunter?  His big passion in life - what he lives and dreams about.

Until further notice I've leaning toward a "Flexitarian" lifestyle.  Far less eggs and cheese products, half the meat in a recipe, more salads, desserts on Friday.  A person can only eat so many black beans.

However, there doesn't seem to be any shortage of pinto bean recipes - and a variety of uses!

Did you know there have been years of competition for Pinto Bean Queen?  And a Junior division.

Here's a random sampling of the winners:

Blue Ribbon 1988:  Pintos in a Jello Mold
Prize Winner 1978:  Pinto-Pineapple Fruit Salad
Blue Ribbon 1979:  Roy Road Bean Fudge Bars
Red Ribbon 1960:  Pinto Bean Bread and Rolls
Blue Ribbon 1961:  Chocolate Pinto Bean Fondant
Red Ribbon 1987:  Apple Cinnamon Salad
White Ribbon 1989:  Enchilada Supreme
Red Ribbon 1988:  Beanut Butter Pie
White Ribbon 1987:  Pinto Fudge Pie

Eat healthy, my friends.


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