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White Personalities: The Peacekeepers

July 17, 2019

Peaceful, Tolerant, Diplomatic, Contented, Balanced, Logical
Indecisive, Stubborn, Boring, Unmotivated, Aimless, Dependent

Once you know what motivates a person, it's much easier to connect the dots as to, "Why do you always do that?" or "You are driving me nuts!"  Understanding can help close the distance, bridge the gap and pull down barriers in a relationship.  After all, don't we all want to be understood?  Well - no - not everyone, yet seeing life through a different pair of glasses is the charactered approach to life.

Let's set some ground rules right from the beginning.  Every personality has:
  • wonderful, positive traits
  • debilitating limitations
  • motives, needs and wants
  • unique gifts to offer
  • annoying behaviors
  • a primary core color motive and identity
  • times of color envy (or maybe that's just me)
Your primary color is innate and will never change.  It is your first knee-jerk reaction to a situation or stimulus.  Colors are used to simply identify different motives of people in four different categories.

Note:  "White" is personality color, not race.
I'm a White personality and as you can see from my pie chart analysis - a purist White.  (More than 30 responses within a color.)  

See all that white space?  A whole lot of vanilla?  Yikes!  Sad, but true.  The good thing is I'm typically consistent in my behaviors and reactions to others, very few mixed messages, which offers people a lot of peace.  When there is a bigger slice of a secondary color, more exciting personality dynamics are brought out in our lives and interactions with others.  You are unique and very fascinating!   
Behaviors are directed by needs and wants - neither good or bad.  
Needs and wants are determined by motives - the why we do what we do.

White personalities are motivated by Peace

Peace is not the absence of chaos, it's the ability to stay calm during chaos, and you Whites are amazing in your ability to be the "eye of the storm".  Every parent appreciates the child with a White personality.  Every teacher deserves at least one student with a White personality.  Everyone can benefit from a relationship with them.  They quietly move through life. 

  • to feel good inside
  • to be understood
  • to be respected
  • acceptance
  • to reveal insecurities
  • to please others
  • protection
  • contentment
5 Ways to Connect with a White Personality:
  • Be sensitive, patient and gentle
  • Be simple, informal and relaxed
  • Listen quietly
  • Provide structure in their lives
  • Look for non-verbal clues to feelings
  • Be unkind
  • Be domineering or too intense
  • Speak too fast, allow "think time"
  • Force confrontation
  • Demand leadership
Whites don't feel a need to control others, yet resist any attempt to be controlled.  Don't try to change them into a mini-You.  Accepting their gifts and acknowledging their goodness will produce greater results in their growth.  They welcome suggestions and do well to have structure in their lives.  Their success in life hinges on the ability to see themselves setting and accomplishing goals.  Always be kind. 

The next time you need a sounding board, call your White friend.  Cinderella comes to mind.

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