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Yellow Personalities: The Fun Crowd

September 23, 2019

Fun, Enthusiastic, Playful, Charismatic, Carefree, Happy
Self-Centered, Uncommitted, Irresponsible, Superficial, Impulsive, Chatter-box

Yellows consider life to be a party and they are hosting!  They bring a breath of fresh air wherever they go and assume everyone's primary goal in life is to have a good time.  Their innate ability to be happy and lively creates a boost of morale in the workplace.   You can recognize a Yellow personality by their warmth and huge smile.

A Yellow's engaging style often makes them appear to be attractive.  They are charismatic as parents, in business, while talking and can move people to tears or laughter with ease.  Yellows collect friends and spread friendship wherever they go.

Many people envy the buoyancy and carefree attitude of a Yellow personality, and everyone's life is blessed by a connection with a healthy Yellow.  

Yellow personalities are motivated by Fun!

  • to look good (socially)
  • to be popular
  • to be praised
  • approval
  • to hide insecurities (loosely)
  • to be noticed
  • freedom
  • playful adventure

Five ways to connect with a Yellow Personality:

  • praise and adore them
  • touch them physically
  • accept their playful teasing
  • remember they are tender and hold feelings deeply
  • allow playful activities and verbal expression
  • ignore them
  • demand perfection or push too intensely
  • give them too much rope
  • totally control their schedules
  • classify them as "just" social butterflies
There is flip side to the fun-loving Yellow personality.  Commitment requires long stretches of dedication and taxes their ability to endure.  Rarely are Yellows weighed down by "emotional baggage" and instinctively move away from controlling friends or undesirable work conditions.  They are typically unwilling to pay the price of earned high self-esteem from a lifetime of commitments to people, experiences and values - finding themselves superficial and empty in their relationships.

Thank goodness a Yellow needs to look good socially or their appearance and homes could suffer from neglect.  The daily routines of life easily become monotonous; exercising is unlikely to happen unless combined with socializing; and patience with details usually only happens when planning a party.

"Chatterbox" is often used to describe a Yellow.  They are rapid talkers and love to hear the sound of their voice.  Mothers want to gag them and try hiding in the bathroom for some quiet time.  Idle chatter combined with loud behavior makes them obnoxious.  Yellows are interrupters, teasers and are very adept at launching sarcastic bombs.

REMEMBER . . . these personality traits describe the pure Yellow.  When a Yellow personality has a secondary color, like Red or Blue, they are amazing individuals with incredible talents.

Yellows are a reminder of the childlike quality of enthusiasm and wonder, always eager to experience all that life has to offer and inspire us to do the same.  They promote the good in others and ignore their limitations.  Yellows are the people connectors and social glue of society.  Once your life has been intimately touched by a Yellow, you will more fully appreciate the joy of living. 

Think about it.  
If Yellows are motivated by Fun, what careers would most likely attract them?

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